Selling your home shouldn’t be a stressful ordeal.


The truth is there is no exact fixed selling price for a home.  In any market condition, your home will sell within a price range.  The question is:  do you want to get the high end of that range or the low end?  Your ultimate selling price is basically what I call, “elastic,” based on home condition and market factors.  How you expertly manage the key elements of the home selling process directly influences the selling price.


Basically, I believe that there are 4 Principals of Home Selling:

  1. Prepare Home/Attract High Offers: your greatest advantage point in the home selling process is to prepare your home to attract buyers who will pay top dollar for your home.  I am an Accredited Home Staging Professional (ASP).
  2. Price to Market:  Choosing the correct initial pricing is critical to achieving maximum current value.  The biggest mistake home sellers make is to overprice their home relative to current market conditions and comparable homes on the market.
  3. Maximize the Marketing:  The goal of marketing your property is to generate the maximum number of qualified buyers to view your home in the shortest amount of time while positioning your home to attract the highest offers.
  4. Negotiate with Strength: Strong negotiators win through preparation and communication.  Expert negotiation strategies and skills to get the max value for your home on terms that meet your needs are my goals.  I am a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) through the Real Estate Negotiation Institute.

You can rely on my expertise for:

  • The Big Picture: Understand your goals and to review your overall market conditions from various perspectives (city, surrounding area and neighborhood/subdivision).
  • Perceived Value of Home: Prepare your home to attract the highest offers from curb appeal to the interior.  I provide a free staging consultation ($389 value) as your listing agent.  Differentiate your home from comparable homes for sale.  Price your home to avoid “chasing the market.” Market conditions play a major role. Are prices trending upward, downward or flat? Real estate is a very localized product, so a nationwide or even statewide overview is not adequate for proper pricing. You need someone in tune with the specific micromarket you live in. We analyze the competition. How many homes are on the market? Can a buyer find a home the same size or larger, with more upgrades and better community amenities for less than yours? Buyers WILL do their homework. So I need to do mine.
  • Maximum Marketing: Maximize the selling of your home with smart marketing and exposure of your home to qualified buyers.  Internet listing strategies and social marketing provide the utmost exposure of your home.
  • Home Presentation: Attract high offers.  Use my selling skills to help buyers fall in love with your home.
  • Negotiation Strategy and Skills: Leave no stone unturned.  Eliminate surprises and avoid emotional pitfalls from the buyer’s home inspector.
  • Closing Process: expertly and systematically coordinate timelines, communication and documentation with all related parties necessary to successfully complete the transaction.
  • And, most importantly keep the process smooth and hassle-free.

I am ready to assist you in the sale of your home.  As your listing agent, I will ensure that your home gets the best possible exposure for a win-win sale.

Contact me at 210-867-5511 so that I can begin the process for making your REALTY dreams, a REALITY for you!!!!